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Experience a hanging bed by night

Experience a hanging bed by night.

Hanging bed hangs of a branch in the canopy. It offers a cosy bed for maximum two persons. Its dimensions are 135 x 210 cm. Hanging beds are hang on trees with strong side branches. These beds are put in the treetop just before using them.

You climb into your hanging bed using a rope and you are safeguarded by security belt all the time while in the treetops. You will be given tools to climb the bed and you don’t need any special skills or strenght. You can choose between different trees, of which everyone has its own energy, offers different views and an overall different experience.

Before climbing a tree in the evening, you will be served a meadow supper, and in the morning you your breakfast will be waiting for you in a basket attached to your bed.

We can hang your hanging bed an a tree in the middle of a meadow. You will be able to enjoy meadow melodies on a wallnut tree during the day and a view of Moravška dolina (valley), Trojanski griči (hills) and a village Slivna in the evening.

A hanging bed on birch and beech in the outskirts of a forrest offers an amazing view – the best view here. The trees are far away of the happening so you will be able to enjoy the nature and connect with it. In the morning you will be waken up by the sun rising from the Trojanski griči.

If you are a true adventurer we recommend a hanging bed in the forrest, on a hornbeam, because we hang it really high. During the night you will be surronded with all the noises that a forrest makes and in the morning you will be able to sleep longer, because the sunlight will reach your bed last.

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Residing in treetops starts at 6 p.m. and you are welcome to stay until 10 a.m. (the next morning).

You can choose your hanging bed to be hand of:

Walnut Hornbeam Birch/Beech

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Phone: +386 30 332 332

Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p.
Slivna 15, 1252 Vače

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Monday, 2. Jul 2018, 10:51 am

Some colder days ahead, but sleeping in treetops in Slovenia is already possible :) @visitljubljana @SrceSlovenijehttps://t.co/KrDGe08Lue
Thursday, 21. Jun 2018, 7:23 pm

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