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Packet - Daily adventure for adults


Daily adventure for couples or individuals or small groups

It includes treetops picnic and a forest sensory pampering workshop.
Includes a family ticket for an adventure park, a canopy picnic and a forest sensory pampering workshop for 2 adults. A reservation is required for this package, as it includes a tree picnic and forest sensual pampering, both of which require a reservation. For the mentioned package, it is necessary that both products are free on the desired day, as this is the only way you can make a visit on the same day. Customers can choose the proposed order of products: 1.) in the morning first forest sensual pampering then a picnic on the tree and finally a visit to the adventure park, 2.) in the morning, first a visit to the adventure park, then a picnic on a tree and after the picnic, forest sensual pampering. It takes you about 3 hours to visit the adventure park, some 2 to 3 hours of forest sensual pampering, and a picnic on a tree for about 1.5 hours. All of the listed timelines are approximate and vary depending on your interest and mood.

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1 day
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Picnic in treetops: Picnic in treetops
Sensual forest retreat: Forest selfness
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Number of people: up to 2