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Picnic in treetops - Spruce platform



Fixed platforms on trees enable you to experience treetops through the day with a picnic and experience by night with sleeping on a platform. They are from 10 to 15 meters off the ground. You climb onto the platforms using a wooden ladder.

Imagine a perfect place where you would like to take your loved one. We offer a picnic for two, where you can devote all of your time to each other, and no one will bother you. At the same time, you will sense the nature around you. We are sure you have never experienced that kind of picnic, while this one will be in a tree. On a fixed platform in the treetop, we will set up everything for an unforgettable picnic in treetops. You will have a padded mat, blanket, and cushions ready for you. We will bring you a picnic basket. We are sure that both of you will find something to bite on, and a glass of sparkling wine will help you to relax. But with no exaggeration, let’s not forget that you are up in a tree and alcohol is not suitable for a lot of treetop adventures. If you decide to spend a picnic among treetops as a family with kids, we won’t put the sparkling wine in the picnic basket.

There are three different platforms on three trees where you can have a picnic among treetops. They all have diverse locations, views, and energies.

This platform will have a distinctive aroma of Spruce, which is very beneficial and calming. A platform is near the daily happenings in the adventure park, but it is high enough that no one will know you are among the treetops above. You will enjoy a nice picnic on the biggest of the platforms, listening to the sounds from the park. 

Before climbing to the platform, you get a safety belt for your protection. 

You can stay at this spot from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the same day.

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