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AltWe invite you to the edge of a forest, where you will relax from everyday stress and carelessly enjoy precious moments that we miss in this rapid tempo of life.

A wooden cabin is located directly above a lavender plantation, the scent of which will help you with restless sleep and negative energy. Inside, you have a homemade solid spruce bed that will charge you with energy flow, while your head will rest on a pillow filled with homegrown spelt shells. 

You will have an evening just for yourself. Gaze into a mosaic of the sky and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Right next to a veranda, there is a spot for an open fire. We offer you a supper that we bring to your location, or you have an option to have your food and try to cook it on a fire, which is an experience by itself.

After a calm night, a basket full of fresh goods from our farm will await you on a veranda.

When renting a spot, you will get electric bicycles for the price only 10eur pro bike.

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WARNING: Unfortunately, the accommodation does not allow overnight stays for a selected number of people!


In Slivna, we are used to living in unspoiled nature that exerts itself and surrounds us every day. That is why it matters to us. We enable our guests to park in the village, and you can then explore the surroundings on foot, while we have lots of beautiful viewing points all around. You will also get to our cabin on foot. We also thought about continual development when we were making an ecological bathroom in the middle of nature. Since a veranda is isolated from the village, there is no electricity, but we set up led lights for lighting. 

Extra offers

Pottery workshop at Pr’ Škundr farmstead. You could try out your skills with hand sculpting clay or shaping clay on a pottery wheel. We do courses from 4 to 6 p.m., and you have to book in advance. The price is 30 EUR per person. 

A hike with a backpack and snacks to Zgornja Slivna (st. Neža church, 780 m altitude). You will get a map of the marked trail, snacks made with local goods, and a blanket for a more enjoyable picnic experience on grass. The price is 15 EUR per person. 

For booking a pottery class or a hike, please let us know at least one day in advance via email to or call 031 810 046 (Barbara Vrtačnik).


For a reservation for Experience a veranda scented with lavender, write to or call 031 810 046 (Barbara Vrtačnik).

You can also fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Available Options

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030 332 332 (Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
Night stay: From 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next day
Supper: meadow supper
Experience treetops by night: on high quality mattresses, pillows and covered with blankets, made by Slovenska postelja
Breakfast: morning breakfast in bed (in a picnic basket)
Suitable for
Minimum age: 16 years
Number of people: up to 3