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Fixed plateaus in the treetops make it possible to have a picnic in the tree during the day, and stay in the treetops at night. They are installed from 10 to 15 meters above the ground. You climb up to them using a wooden ladder.

There are three plateaus and they are located near the Geoss Adventure Park. They are at different distances from what is happening in the park and on different trees.

Ash is the furthest away from the happenings in the park. The view from the plateau is of the village of Slivna and the pastures next to the forest. It has a genuine connection between the forest and the meadow, because the slope of the meadow will give you the feeling that you are part of it, even though you are actually 10 m from the ground.
Oak is the closest to the park and may even be visible from one of the park's trails. As a result, a picnic on it is probably the most practical for those who take a combination of a picnic and a visit to the park. The view from the plateau is on the Moravian Valley, as well as on meadows and nature. This plateau is the highest among all, as it is located as much as 15 m from the ground.
Spruce is located near the park, but it is above the park and cannot be seen. This plateau is the only one that is not on the edge of the forest, as it is located in the forest. It is the largest of them all and, as a result, allows more people to have a picnic than the other two. The plateau is at a height of 12m from the ground

A picnic in a tree means that we prepare a padded mat for you on this plateau, add pillows and blankets. We equip you with safety belts and when we take you to the plateau, we also bring you a picnic basket. This contains home-made cold cuts, fruit, vegetables and a drink. All enough for refreshments.

The location is available for rent from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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WARNING: Unfortunately, the accommodation does not allow overnight stays for a selected number of people!

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Picnic in treetops: From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the next day
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