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Accolmile 27,5'' ColaBear Adult Bike No.2


[ PREINSTALLED POWERFUL 8Fun MOTOR ] Accolmile 27.5“ ColaBear electric mountain bike comes with the well-known brand 8fun Mid Motor . The 500W mid drive kit provides you with strong power for riding and climing . The maximum torque is 120 N.M and the max speed can reach 50 KM/H . Accolmile electric bike is just like a super monster

While you are riding , you can choose pedal assist mode or thumb throttle electricy mode per your need. And a shift sensor is included, which can protect your bike and the derailleur well . With a headlight , it is safe for you to ride at night.

FRAME27,5" *500 mm okvir kolesa s štirimi drogovi iz ali zlitine
FORKSuntour XCM 30 Kindshock SP261 Hod: 52mm
MOTOR8fun BBS02B 48V 500 W - 50km/h / 120Nm
BATTERY48V 13,5 Ah L-G baterija s celicami 3500mAh
SHIFTLEV.Shimano8 KMC X8 8 prestavna veriga
CHAINRINGShimano8 KMC X8 8 prestavna veriga
BRAKECVO hidravlične zavorne ročice


Bike rental does not include helmet rental. If you don't have your own helmet, check if it is the only one available before booking. Helmet rental is payable. The bike is suitable for driving on asphalt roads, on macadam roads, on forest paths and also on off-roads, but it does not have a rear suspension, which consequently means that it is not suitable for any more specific off-road descents.

The battery has a range of up to 60 km, taking into account some tips:

  • We start using the bike in mode 1, only after a few kilometers we switch to higher levels of assistance from the electric motor and thus take advantage of the maximum range of the battery,
  • Modes 4 and 5 are used only long enough to overcome more concrete hills, otherwise we drive in more basic modes,
  • If we notice that the battery level drops below half of its capacity, and you still have many kilometers to go to your destination, switch on a more economical level even when the battery is at half capacity, if you switch on to economy mode when the battery has a low capacity, switching to economy mode will not will allow more access to the target,
  • When driving straight or downhill, when due to the speed, the electric motor does not help in propulsion, switch on the economy mode 1, so you do not switch on the electric motor with a large power, because it is not needed.

Appropriate use of the bicycle. Do not ride your bike where it is not appropriate and safe. The bike is intended for riding on trails and NOT for off-road descents. If you suspect a bike breakdown, a flat tire or an accident, stop driving and call for assistance. Continuing to ride may seriously damage the bike and incur additional costs. When you realize that your tire has a slight leak, make sure to fill it with air in time (inflator option). A soft tire results in higher rolling resistance and shorter battery range, due to higher energy consumption. A soft tire can cause a puncture of the tire casing when driving over bumps and premature termination of use of the bike. When riding on busy roads, keep to the right side of the road and do not ride parallel to another cyclist, but ride in sequence and allow faster vehicles to overtake more easily. When leaving the bike, always lock it in a suitable place to prevent the bike from being stolen.

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  1. In the event of damaged equipment, the renter agrees to pay 60% of the equipment value to repair the damage.

  2. A renter agrees to take full responsibility for the equipment.

  3. The rented equipment is not insured. The renter understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to the equipment. In case of a damaged item, you will be charged additional fees. In case of a stolen item, you will be charged 100% value of the equipment.

  4. In case of theft, the renter is obliged to report it to the local police department.

  5. Replacing equipment during the rental period with equipment of the same quality and value is always possible. It is also possible to exchange equipment for a higher quality one with an additional difference in the rental price. And if the equipment is exchanged for lower quality one, a refund is not possible.

  6. Equipment rental must be paid in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing with the company's management.

  7. In case of delay when returning the equipment, an additional rental day will be charged according to the valid price list.

  8. If the equipment is not returned later than three days after the rental period ends, the equipment will be reported to the police as stolen.

  9. The equipment can be returned before the end of the rental period. No refund is possible. Refunds are only possible in case of injuries, illness, and upon presentation of a medical certificate.

  10.  Upon receipt of the borrowed equipment, it is necessary to sign a statement on the rental of the equipment. By signing the statement, the renter accepts the general terms and conditions of renting the equipment.

    The lease statement is valid only when the full payment for the entire time has been made.

Suitable for
E-bike.: On your own responsibility
Minimum age: 12 years
Number of people: up to 1