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Sensual forest retreat - a family experience

Sensual forest retreat - a family experience



Because they say the forest is a good remedy against stress, we created a Sensual forest retreat right next to Adventure park Geoss. It is a guided beneficial retreat enclosed in timber.

In our forest, we looked for a place packed with positive energy, where we set up hanging beds, floor seats, and other elements for relaxing. We worked with experts and set up a guided retreat, which includes exercises for strengthening your immune system, lowering levels of cortisol (which is a cause of most diseases), but most importantly, relaxation, regeneration, and mental training, which works approvingly. The ancient wisdom of therapy with nature and stress relieving techniques are also part of a retreat. We fit the retreat according to your wishes and needs, that’s why the span of the retreat varies, but it is usually 2 hours long.

During a sensual forest retreat, you will get to feel the forest, move around it, perform breathing exercises, and try out stress-relieving techniques. You will also walk the sensual forest pathway and try mindfulness exercises. You will be able to relax on creative seats and treat your senses with tea made out of carefully selected seasonal flowers. 

After a sensual forest retreat, you will be relaxed and packed with practical knowledge about stress-relieving techniques, which you will know how to use in your everyday life.

Health is not just a feeling; it is a way of life, which strengthens the body and mind. And we live by that philosophy. Would you like to join us?

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Suitable for family members, while it is a family-themed workshop.
OPOZORILO: Število izbranih oseb presega število razpoložljivih mest.

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A program of Sensual forest retreat was established by Anita Šerjak Koci (who also carries it out) in collaboration with Experience treetops. Someone who is not free from excessive emotions every day can not speak about it.

Anita is a woman who had many ordeals in her childhood. At one point, she decided that she wouldn't let those experiences define her. Meeting her, you will feel relaxation and an immense desire for exploration and spontaneous joy. Lifelong learning and exploring are her passionate hobbies. She never really stops learning, and that is why she often goes by her nickname: a living encyclopedia. From her personal experiences, she has learned that, for a happy life, it is never good to judge, jump to conclusions too quickly, take things personally and not give your best. That is why, every day, she does something that scares her. With that, she is a great role model to others and herself.

Sensual forest retreat has been created through the project LAG (local action group) Heart of Slovenia and the European agricultural fund for rural development.

Sensual forest retreat: According to published dates
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Minimum age: no limit
Number of people: up to 10