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Vrednostni bon

Vrednostni bon
Vrednostni bon



We invite you to the edge of a forest, where you will relax from everyday stress and carelessly enjoy precious moments that we miss in this rapid tempo of life.

A wooden cabin is located directly above a lavender plantation, the scent of which will help you with restless sleep and negative energy. Inside, you have a homemade solid spruce bed that will charge you with energy flow, while your head will rest on a pillow filled with homegrown spelt shells. 

You will have an evening just for yourself. Gaze into a mosaic of the sky and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Right next to a veranda, there is a spot for an open fire. We offer you a supper that we bring to your location, or you have an option to have your food and try to cook it on a fire, which is an experience by itself.

After a calm night, a basket full of fresh goods from our farm will await you on a veranda.

When renting a spot, you will get two electric bikes to use for free.