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General Terms and Conditions of the online store

The business of the online store Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p., is compiled following the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), based on the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT-UPB2), and based on the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP). The company has not adopted a specific code of conduct.

Definition and terms

The provider is Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p., Slivna 15, 1252 Vače, Slovenia; tax number: SI72450851; Registration number: 1988654000
The user is the person who uses our system, i.e., a customer in the online shop.
An online store is an information system intended to present and sell products to the user.


Upon registration in the online shop, the visitor obtains a username that is the same as his email address and a password of his choice. The username and password of the visitor are unambiguously determined and link the user to the filled-in data. After registration, the visitor becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase. The General Terms and Conditions deal with the operation of the online store Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p., user rights, and the business relationship between the provider and the customer.

Availability of information

The provider undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:

  • company identity (company name and head office address, register number)
  • contact information that enables fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone number)
  • essential characteristics of the goods and services (including after-sales services and guarantees)
  •  availability of products (any product or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable time)
  • terms of delivery of the product or execution of the service (method, place, and time of delivery)
  • all prices must be clearly and unambiguously specified; it must be definite whether they already include taxes and transport costs
  • method of payment and delivery
  • the time validity of the offer
  • the period during which is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the period for the withdrawal itself; in addition, also if and how much it costs the consumer to return the product
  • the complaint procedure must be clarified, including all company contacts or customer service.

Purchasing process

When the user selects a product or products and places an order with a confirmation - by clicking the purchase icon, the online store automatically ‘’generates-creates’’ and sends an e-mail with order details (products, prices, quantities, user information…). We inform the customer about the further process via e-mail. In case a customer has questions, they can contact us at


All prices on webside are retail with VAT included.

Right of withdrawal from the purchase and return of the goods

The consumer has the right to notify the company in writing of the withdrawal from the contract within 14 days. If the consumer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, he shall return them to the company immediately or up to 14 days after the contract withdrawal notification. The goods are viewed as returned if the consumer sends them before the expiry of the 14-day return period.

In connection to the withdrawal from the contract, the consumer bears only the cost of returning the goods. The goods must be returned unused, undamaged, in the same quantity, and in the original packaging.

If the consumer returns the received goods within the withdrawal period (i.e., 14 days from the arrival of the goods), the sending date of the goods is considered a notice of withdrawal.

Refunds will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract (be sure to include the transaction account number). However, under paragraph 5 of article 43d. of ZVPot, the company may withhold the return of payments until the receipt of the returned goods or until the consumer provides proof that he sent the goods back (unless the company offers to get the goods intended for return themselves). The returned package must contain a copy of the invoice and the guarantee certificate along with the withdrawal form.


The provider issues an invoice on a durable medium (together with the statutory VAT), with a breakdown of costs and a notice to the user on how to withdraw from the purchase and how to return the products. The user has the option to pay for the ordered goods upon delivery.

Delivery time

For products in stock, the delivery of goods is 3-5 working days and in other cases up to 15 days. For products out of stock, the delivery time is up to 15 days after receiving the order. In case of a longer delivery time, we will inform you about the delivery time by e-mail or by phone.

Material defects

Material defects are very unlikely in practice. Customers have the option to report and exercise their rights under this title if they believe that the purchased products did not have the properties for their intended use or were falsely marketed at the time of purchase and are, in other cases, identified as material defects by the Consumer Protection Act. Customers should notify us correctly and no later than two months from the date the defect was discovered.

You can request that:

  • we repair a material defect on the product free of charge or
  • we refund part of the amount paid in proportion to the defect or
  • we change defected material with new one or
  • we refund the entire amount paid.

Deliver the product to us for inspection. Please attach a report of the product.


The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data, orders, and payments.


The provider may contact the user using distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object.

Archiving contracts

The contract concluded between the provider and user is permanently stored at the company Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p., Slivna 15, 1252 Vače.

Advertising e-mails must contain the following:

  • They must be marked clearly and unambiguously, like advertising messages.
  • The sender must be identified.
  • Campaigns, promotions, and other marketing techniques should be marked as such. Participation in them must also be clearly defined.
  • The user's choice to stop receiving advertising messages must be accepted.


The provider complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. The provider must set up an effective complaint handling system and designate a person with whom, in the event of problems, the customer can contact by telephone or e-mail. The complaint procedure should be available on websites, easy to use, and confidential. The provider must confirm within five working days that he has received the complaint, inform the buyer how long it will take to process it, and keep him informed about the development of the procedure. The provider is aware that the essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the disagreement itself. That is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating litigation. Therefore, the provider strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.