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Experience Treetops


3. 3. 2016

Sleeping in a tree

When you decide to sleep in nature, you accept the challenge of “survival in the wild.” A treehouse cannot offer such experince, because it protects you from the wind and cold and takes away a view of the stars. A treebed on the other hand offers exactly that – an experience of sleeping in nature, covered only with a blanket and protected by a mosquito net. You are high above ground, so that wild animals cannot reach you, but you still have a privilege of observing the stars before closing your eyes, feeling the wind on your cheeck, just before you cover yourself with a blanket. After you pull up a ladder or rope, it is just you and the person next to you in a perfectly romantic natural envirnoment. Morning sun will shine directly into your bed and wake you up with its warmth, if the birds won’t wake you up even before that with their singing. Therefore, staying in the canopy is not only sleeping in a tree, but a real survival in the wild. Food and security will be provided, but since we are not used to living in nature anymore, a night in treetops can still be a big challenge for some .. but one worth taking, because it really is a unique experience.

Your evening will start witha romantic dinner in the meadow and will finish with a breakfast in bed the next morning.


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Se dobimo med krošnjami v @SrceSlovenije? Kaj vse lahko pri nas počnete, pa si poglejte v Leinem prispevku https://t.co/TormnnXHQW :)
Monday, 23. Jul 2018, 9:42 am

V sredo, ob 10h, novinarjem predstavljamo NOVOST: #gozdnoutnorazvajanje. VABLJENI! https://t.co/LKSvYc16k9 https://t.co/ofRBZ32bv8
Monday, 2. Jul 2018, 10:51 am

Some colder days ahead, but sleeping in treetops in Slovenia is already possible :) @visitljubljana @SrceSlovenije https://t.co/KrDGe08Lue
Thursday, 21. Jun 2018, 7:23 pm

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