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Adventure park Geoss

Adventure park Geoss is located in the village of Slivna, close to the geometric center of Slovenia (GEOSS). In the park children and adults can take a walk in the treetops and experience real adventure. The bravest can rise up to 25 meters high, while the smallest children stay on the exercises at 1 meter above ground. Adventure Park Geoss offers six climbing routes of various difficulty levels, which take two to three hours to conquer. There are 91 climbing elements at different heights (from 1 to 25 m from the ground) in the park. The easiest difficulty level is suitable for children from the fourth year. Each vistor selects appropriate level of difficulty by himself. You will always be kindly accepted by trained instructors who will care for your safety. At first, you and your children will learn the rules of climbing the trees and rules of behavior in the park, then you will be constantly monitored and assisted in need. You will also be protected by the equipment by Petzl, Singing rock and Climbing Technology. Park is built in accordance with the EU standard EN 15661-1 and as such provides a 100% safety for all visitors.
Every visitor of Adventure Park Geoss will find something fun to do … climbing trees, walking around the area, visit cultural and historical sights or just sitting on the meadows, listening to nature and resting in the pleasant shade. You can also plan a picnic with friends or a birthday celebration in the area specially prepared for these kinds of special events.

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Advetnure park Geoss is opened every day during summer holidays (from 25th June to 31th August) and on weekends and holidays from March till end of October. For all experiencing treetops we offer 20 % discount on an entrance fee for the Adventure park Geoss.


Phone: +386 30 332 332

Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p.
Slivna 15, 1252 Vače

GPS coordinates:


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