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Experience Treetops

Technical information

Sleeping on a platform

in treetops is possible for maximum 6 persons at the same time. You climb into your treebed using a ladder and a security belt.  Security fence safeguards you all the time while in the treetops.


Foto: Tomaž Zupan Photography Sleeping in a hanging bed

is possible for maximum 2 persons at the same time. You climb into your hanging bed using a rope and you are safeguarded by security belt all the time while in the treetops.


Piknik v krošnjah Picnic in treetops

Enjoy an unforgettable picnic on a platform in treetops, with blankets, cushions, and basket of goods from local producers and a bottle of wine. You will use a ladder to climb up a tree and pull it up to be able to enjoy your picnic in treetops by yourselves. A security belt and security fence will safeguard you all the time while in the treetops.


Travniška večerja Meadow supper

We prepare supper in the meadow near your treebed. We light a fire, spread a blanket on the grass and serve freshly prepared meal. You are left alone to enjoy a quite evening with magnificent view of the stars and the moon.

* Drinks are not included in the supper, but you can order them.


Zajtrk v postelji Breakfast in bed

When you wake up, a basket with your breakfast will be waiting for you. It will be attached to your treebed. You just pull it up and enjoy your breakfast in treebed.


Špagetni vložek Resting on Slovenska postelja

Slovenska postelja prepared top quality bed adapted to the environment. It can be used by anyone, including people with allergies. Coating is made with 100% organic cotton. Pillow Dremavček is adaptable and can be used to sleep on your back, on your tummy or your side. Pillows have orange energy simbols which help you sleep. Blankets are made out of sheep wool and will keep you warm even if the nights are a bit colder. Bedclothes are 100% cotton. Slovenska postelja wishes you a pleasant stay in your treebed made especially for Experience treetops project.
Slovenska postelja

Make reservations for Experience treetops here or write us on bivanje@bivanjevkrosnjah.si. You can reschedule your reservation after the reservation payment is made, as long as you let us know until 2 p.m. of the day of reservation. After this deadline the reservation is fixed and cannot be rescheduled anymore.


Phone: +386 30 332 332

Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p.
Slivna 15, 1252 Vače

GPS coordinates:


Se dobimo med krošnjami v @SrceSlovenije? Kaj vse lahko pri nas počnete, pa si poglejte v Leinem prispevku https://t.co/TormnnXHQW :)
Monday, 23. Jul 2018, 9:42 am

V sredo, ob 10h, novinarjem predstavljamo NOVOST: #gozdnoutnorazvajanje. VABLJENI! https://t.co/LKSvYc16k9 https://t.co/ofRBZ32bv8
Monday, 2. Jul 2018, 10:51 am

Some colder days ahead, but sleeping in treetops in Slovenia is already possible :) @visitljubljana @SrceSlovenije https://t.co/KrDGe08Lue
Thursday, 21. Jun 2018, 7:23 pm

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